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The Mayflies mix

Welcome to themayfliesusa, the official, original, first, finest and only web site of the Chapel Hill, NC rock band The Mayflies USA. The band recently released our new CD The Pity List, and we decided to give this site a major overhaul to mark the occasion. Over the next few weeks we will be adding more links, tour dates, sound files, images and other junk to the site, so please check back with us soon.

Well, we here at The Mayflies USA headquarters in Chapel Hill/Carrboro, NC(!) have decided to definitively enter the Napster/MP3 fray. After hearing that there were some Mayflies songs floating around the Internet, and after hearing the egregious sound quality of some of these MP3’s, we decided to put MP3’s of our songs on the web site that were representative of the songs on our CD’s in terms of sound quality.

It’s nothing but great that people care enough about our music to take the time to encode it, upload it, download it, and trade it. Bands that complain about Napster and MP3’s are essentially complaining that their fans are listening to their music for free, which is only a problem if you think of music as a product. I don’t think of music that way, and you probably don’t either. Probably even Lars Ulrich didn’t think of music as a product back in the days before his band got litigious and greedy. So at the risk of sounding dippy and utopian, I say that music is meant to be heard by anyone who cares to listen. That’s why we get in the van and drive 500 miles to play for 50 people. That’s why we spend months in the studio committing our new songs to plastic disc every year or so. And that’s why, as a relatively unknown independent band, we are more than happy to turn up on some stranger’s hard drive during a Napster search. So as far as I’m concerned, you can listen to The Mayflies USA on a CD, in a rock club, on yr computer, or with two cans and a piece of string…

That said, if the sound quality of an MP3 is sub-par (or “near CD quality” as proponents of the 128kbps variety of MP3 files prefer to call it), it’s not really worth downloading. The MP3 files on this site are pretty big (if you have a slow connection, stick to the RealAudio files), but they were encoded at 256kbps, so they sound good. Feel free to download these songs, make them available on Napster, tell yr friends, whatever you want. But if you do like what you hear, please come check us out in person when we come to yr town, and please go to the store and buy a Mayflies USA CD. Your local record store should have all 3 Mayflies USA CD’s, or you can order them online from Amazon or CDNOW. If you can’t find the Mayflies music you are looking for, please email our distributor and they’ll make sure you get what you need.